‘Tidal FLOWS’ and ‘Lunar Cycles’ Exhibition, Chichester

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‘Tidal FLOWS’ and ‘Lunar Cycles’ 

‘It can be argued that light and darkness have a greater propensity than colour in producing the sublime, as light is necessary for the perception of colour; and darkness generates an illusion of the infinite, which is intrinsically related to the sublime.’*

My work is about time, places and spaces that exist as states of mind.

A recurring geometrically-based visual theme provides the physical framework around which reflections on these concepts can be articulated.

‘Tidal FLOWS’ and ‘Lunar Cycles’ capture sequences of movements within a formal grid structure through vertical and horizontal transitions.

The grid structure supports the transitional concepts of space and time. The vertical and horizontal movement of shapes and forms across the picture surface creates a pattern or sequence. This promotes an awareness of physical and chronological change.

The composition is defined by predicted data to create a virtual environment.

My aim is to raise awareness of how we experience things in different ways despite their common meaning within our coded language system. We do not need to experience the actual moment of an event to have an understanding or an emotional response to it. We know the sea will rise and fall with the tide. We know the moon will traverse the sky and change its form through a monthly cycle. These experiences can be described as ‘truths’ that exist in the conscious mind. Developing the capacity to appreciate this type of virtual experience, at deeper levels of consciousness, may provide access to a new state of unencumbered reality.


David Wise

September 2012

* Rainer Crone & Alexandra Von Stosch – ‘Anish Kapoor’

Prestel 2008

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